Tasnovice, Domažlice dist., Plzeň Region

Early Medieval hillfort

(8th–12th cent.)

An overall view of the St. Laurentius church built on a hill.

An overall view of the St. Laurentius church built on a hill.

Photo M. Beránek, 2013.

An Early Medieval hillfort of the 8th to 12th century, located on an important route between Bohemia and Bavaria. The ‘Regensburg Trail’ was the most important trade route in Early Medieval Bohemia. In these early days, Bavaria was the ecclesiastical as well as political centre influencing the Bohemian lands. Merchants as well as the Frankish army moved in this direction. During the period of its use, the hillfort of Tasnovice grew so large that its ramparts reached a total length of 3 km. Similar, yet smaller, sites stood closer to the border, on both sides of it at the time.

References: Bašta – Baštová 1991; Břicháček – Metlička 1999, 270; Lutovský 2001.

Navigation points: N 49°34'00.42", E 12°49'28.16".

Map notes: A – hillfort; B – remains of a medieval fortified manor with stone buildings and cellars; 1 – outer line of fortifications; 2 – middle line of fortifications; 3 – inner line of fortifications; 4 – Church of St Lawrence; 5 – Early Modern cemetery around the Church of St Lawrence; 6 – Protestant cemetery; 7 – memorial to victims of the First World War. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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Archeologický atlas Čech – Tasnovice
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