Kolvín, Příbram dist., Central Bohemian Region

Priory ‘Baštiny’

(14th–15th cent.)

Church, taken from southwest.

Church, taken from southwest.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2013.

Deserted medieval ‘Baštiny’ priory represents one of the rare examples of this type of archaeological sites. A subordinate monastic house of the Benedictine monastery at Ostrov near Davle was founded here before the mid 14th century and was abandoned shortly thereafter during the Hussite Wars. Dominating the site are extensive ruins of the church surrounded by relics of other buildings. Traces of later forest industrial and mining activities are present in the surrounding area.

References: Lego 1898; Podlaha 1900, 65–66; Foltýn 2006; Smolová 2007; Nováček – Petr 2009.

Navigation points: N 49°38'19.49", E 13°45'07.14".

Map notes: A – church; B – remains of a tower-like structure made of stone and other wooden buildings; C – remains of smaller buildings; D – remains of a timbered house heated by a tiled stove; E – Early Modern mining pits; F – Early Modern charcoal kiln; 1 – church nave; 2 – church chancel; 3 – church vestibule. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.