Dýšina, Plzeň-City dist., Plzeň Region

Prehistoric barrow cemetery v trati Nová Huť

(1600–1300 BC, occasionally later)

A large barrow near the clearing's edge.

A large barrow near the clearing's edge.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2014.

A barrow cemetery in the forest section of ‘Nová Huť’ was primarily used during the Middle Bronze Age (Tumulus culture). The site is located in a region with a large number of known barrow cemeteries, most of which have not, however, survived until today. The cemetery at ‘Nová Huť’ is an exception. Although the majority of barrows in this funerary area were investigated as early as in the 19th century, 113 mounds were still identifiable in the 1950s. The barrows had an earth and stone construction and produced finds of ceramic vessels, bronze weapons and jewellery, including several gold artefacts.

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Navigation points: N 49°47'04.45", E 13°30'19.91" (southwest).