Dolany u Olomouce, Olomouc distr., Olomouc Region

Medieval monastery Vallis Josaphat

(1380s–1425 AD)

Ruins of the monastery from the north.

Ruins of the monastery from the north.

Photo M. Kalábek, 2006.

The unique medieval charterhouse of ‘Vallis Josaphat’ was established in the 1380s by splitting the Carthous abbey of Tržek near Litomyšl. It was deserted on 2 February 1425, when its inhabitants were expelled by Hussite soldiers. In view of its short-lived existence, this charterhouse, situated in a strategic position, has never been finished. A vast archaeological excavation was carried out on the site. Today, the uncovered walls still show a height of almost 2 m. The centre is formed by a single-aisled church with pentagonal presbytery, to which two chapels are attached from the north. In addition, we can see the outlines of the cloister, a chapter house, the monks’ cells and service buildings spread over three terraces are.

References: Burian 1966; Vrána 2002; Bolina 2004; Unger 2008.

Navigation point: N 49°39‘10.14“, E 17°20‘10.81“.

Map notes: A – monastery; B – Jívová Road; C – fortification with ditch and earthwork; D – church; E – rood screen; F – south chapel; G – north chapel; H – chapter hall; I – large cloister; J, L – monk's cells; K – small cloister. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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