Charvátská Nová Ves, Břeclav distr., Southern Moravia Region

Roman Period military camp

(172–180 AD)

Aerial view of the north-west corner of the camp.

Aerial view of the north-west corner of the camp.

Photo M. Bálek, 1998.

The temporary (marching) camp (castrum) from the time of the Marcomannic Wars is situated in the ‘Prostřední veliké’ field. It witnesses the Roman expansion beyond the borders of the Roman Empire ('limes Romanus'). The camp was discovered at the end of the 20th century in the course of aerial surveying. It is an open space with rhomboid ground plan of 41 ha, fortified with a V-shaped ditch, earthwork, gateways and outer ditches ('tituli'). Unique finds of unburned bricks, that were part of the fortification wall, were made in the ditches. The camp is invisible from the surface; it can only be seen in the aerial view.

References: Bálek – Šedo 1998; Droberjar 2002; Komoróczy et al. 2014; Šedo 2001; Vlach 2008.

Navigation point: N 48°46‘17.20“, E 16°50‘32.77“ (connection of the field road to the roadway).

Map notes: A – V-shaped ditch; B–E – entrance gateways. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.