Žabčice, Brno-Country dist., Southern Moravia Region

Medieval fortified manor and village

(from the mid-13th cent. to the beginning of the 15th cent.)

Remains of a manor house of motte type.

Remains of a manor house of motte type.

Photo A. Knechtová, 2015.

The ruins of Kulatý kopec fortified manor, situated in the area of the deserted medieval village of Koválov, are witness of a markedly modelled deserted manor in a flat landscape. All its building phases were subject to archaeological excavations. The site stood in the centre of interest already in the 19th century; archaeological excavations undertaken in the 2nd half of the 20th century provided evidence of its foundation sometime in the mid-13th century. The decline of this manor falls into the time around 1425. It is a motte consisting of a cone-shaped mound, one visible moat and partially preserved outer earthwork. The archaeological excavation provided evidence of three building phases and two fires. A church and a medieval cemetery were part of the deserted village. It was also possible to trace a fortification in some places. Lately, parts of the relief of this fully archaeologized site are becoming visible in the landscape.

References: Unger 1994; Plaček 2001.

Navigation point: N 49°00‘13.40“, E 16°34‘53.63“ (crossroad).

Map notes: A – hill in the shape of a truncated cone; B – ditch; C – earthwork; D – church; E – village; F – possible enclosure of the village. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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