Vrbka u Sulimova, Kroměříž dist., Zlín region

Early medieval barrow cemetery Tabarky

(9th cent.)

View of the barrow.

View of the barrow.

Photo B. Machová, 2010.

The early medieval barrow cemetery of Tabarky belongs among the Moravian barrow cemeteries with evidence of skeletal burials. Excavations in the 1880 and at the beginning of the 20th century revealed 42 mounds, 30 of which were researched. Today, only 15 barrows are still visible, most of them with traces of earlier excavations. The remaining barrows seem to have vanished in the course of forestry activities. The barrows are between 6.5 and 11 m in diameter, their heights vary between 50 and 160 cm. The skeletal burials were on level with the surrounding terrain. From the burial goods, we may mention earrings, bucket fittings, knives, a sickle, a lance, buckles, a spur, stirrups and ceramic vessels. Today, an educational trail leads through the cemetery and to a clearing with well visible examples of the barrows.

References: Přikryl 1890; Dostál 1966; Jiráň 2008; Machová 2015.

Navigation point: N 49°12‘18.75“, E 17°25‘37.88“.