Velký Uhřínov, Rychnov nad Kněžnou dist., Hradec Králové Region

Open-air archaeological museum ‘Villa Nova Uhřínov’

(reconstruction of features from 13th–15th cent.)

Panoramatic picture of the open-air museum.

Panoramatic picture of the open-air museum.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2014.

The ‘Villa Nova Uhřínov’ open-air archaeological museum in the Orlické Mts. attempts to recreate the appearance of a High Medieval village. The museum has been under construction since 1992, and a centre for experimental archaeology is also gradually being built. The grounds include reconstructed dwellings, farm and production features of the High Medieval colonisation, a process that marked a considerable change in the settlement structure, manner of living, economy, legal system as well as other aspects of social life. All of the buildings are constructed according to actual archaeological finds or iconographic sources.

References: Smetánka 1988; Dragoun B. 2000; Piskačová 2000; Vaněčková 2000; Klápště 2005; www_Velký Uhřínov.

Navigation points: N 50°14'57.57", E 16°20'28.46" (entrance).

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