Strážovice, Hodonín dist., Southern Moravia Region

Early medieval barrow cemetery

(9th cent.)

View of the barrow cemetery.

View of the barrow cemetery.

Photo B. Machová, 2010.

The early medieval cemetery in Strážovice belongs among the largest barrow cemeteries with skeletal and cremation burials from early medieval Moravia. The archaeological excavation took place in the 1st half of the 20th century; a total of 101 barrows were documented, most of them on a circular ground plan from 2 to 11 m in diameter and a height from only a few centimetres to 160 cm. The cemetery displays a large variety of burials; the burial lay on ground level, but occasionally they were also dug into the soil and lined with wood. The grave goods from the researched mounds consisted mainly of ceramic vessels, but also of earrings, knives, small buckets, arrowheads, axes, whistles, a spindle whorl and a flint and steel. Apart from some exceptions, all the finds were articles of daily use and parts of clothing. Today, the barrows are well visible in the deciduous forest and the barrow cemetery leaves a monumental impression.

References: Skutil 1964; Dostál 1966; Jiráň 2008; Machová 2015.

Navigation point: N 49°01‘14.10“, E 17°02‘25.44“.