Slavonice, Jindřichův Hradec dist., South Bohemian Region

Deserted Medieval village ‘Pfaffenschlag’

(13th–15th cent.)

House 4.

House 4.

Photo J. Mařík, 2013.

Medieval village of Pfaffenschlag of the 13th to 15th century dating represents the only site of this type that was investigated in its entirety. Excavations uncovered all sixteen houses (with one exception) arranged along the stream; these structures are still visible today on the surface in the form of stone walls. Individual homesteads were composed of a two- or three-compartment house and a yard with farm buildings, which were connected to fields, meadows and pastures. The village with a population of around one hundred inhabitants also had a mill.

References: Nekuda 1975.

Navigation points: N 49°00'56.27", E 15°18'15.17" (east).

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