Prague-Vinoř, Prague

Early Medieval hillfort

(10th–12th cent.)

Hillfort in autumn.

Hillfort in autumn.

Photo J. Marounek, 2011.

A Přemyslid hillfort of the 10th to 12th century. Similar to other fortified sites of this period, the site probably served to protect the Přemyslid domain in central Bohemia. Although its fortifications have not been properly studied so far, they clearly comprise a wood and earth rampart with a frontal stone screen wall. Based on fragments of human bones and tiles as well as other evidence, it appears that a church once stood at the acropolis.

References: Sláma 1989, 62–64; Richterová 1997; Lutovský 2001; Daněček 2005.

Navigation points: N 50°08'02.91", E 14°35'05.54" (south).

Map notes: A – acropolis; B – rampart; C – bailey; 1 – Early Modern pheasantry wall; 2 – location of presumed church. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.