Olešná u Radnic, Rokycany dist., Plzeň Region

Prehistoric hillfort ‘Radná’

(950–450 BC)

Inner moat behind the inner bank.

Inner moat behind the inner bank.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2014.

The prehistoric ‘Radná’ hillfort at the ‘Starý Zámek’ site. The tripartite hillfort with three lines of well-preserved banks is typically located on a promontory. It is dated to the Bronze Age and the Hallstatt Period. Archaeological excavations conducted at the site unearthed several dwellings and settlement pits. Remains of cereals and legumes were discovered in a small ´cellar´ – storage pit – in one of the semi-sunken huts that also contained a large amount of pottery and clay loom weights.

References: Šaldová 1977, 1981; Sklenář 1989.

Navigation points: N 49°51'31.23", E 13°31'27.90" (west); N 49°51'26.42", E 13°31'53.91" (east).

Map notes: A – outer bank; B – middle bank; C – inner bank; D – acropolis; E – dwelling with the most interesting finds; F – barrow cemetery; G – medieval gold mining area. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.