Najdek na Moravě, Žďár nad Sázavou distr., Vysočina Region

Medieval and early modern iron production area

(Middle Ages, modern period)

Overall view of the mill and service building from the south-east.

Overall view of the mill and service building from the south-east.

Photo S. Jagošová, 2010.

The area of Šlakhamr offers evidence of iron working in the Middle Ages and early modern period and is part of an exhibition on iron working in Vysočina. The beginnings of the hammer mill are connected with the colonization of that area in the mid-13th century. On the slope of the Peperk Hill in the centre of the area, deposits of polymetallic ore were mined. Iron working obviously stopped in the 2nd half of the 17th century, and in its place a mill was erected, which was rebuilt by the mid-19th century in the classicist style. An archaeological excavation was conducted in the 1980s contributing evidence of the hammer mill. In 2000–2012, the facility and its technological equipment were renovated. The area is in the possession of the Technical Museum in Brno.

References: Merta 1980; Merta – Škabrada 1991.

Navigation point: N 49°33‘58.31“, E 15°52‘42.46“.

Map notes: A – residential part; B – barn; C – service building. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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Sto zajímavých archeologických lokalit Moravy a Slezska – Najdek na Moravě