Markvartice u Sobotky, Jičín dist., Hradec Králové Region

Iron Age enclosure

(300–50 BC)

Panoramatic picture of the banks.

Panoramatic picture of the banks.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2013.

The only La Tène period rectangular enclosure (so-called Viereckschanze) built in east Bohemia. Although it is referred by people as the ‘Žižkovy valy’ (‘Žižka’s Banks’, named after Jan Žižka, a Hussite commander of the 15th century), the enclosure dates to 300–50 BC. Most probably, it served as a fortified residence for higher social class organising specialised crafts and long-distance trade. The remains of a La Tène Period forge were discovered nearby.

References: Waldhauser 1971, 1975; Venclová 1998; Waldhauser 2004.

Navigation points: N 50°25'00.61", E 15°12'12.46".

Map notes: A – forge; B – location of a ‘hall’ (large posthole structure discovered by excavations); C – location of a pit with remnants of wood and burnt millet; D – cremation grave; E – original entrance. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.