Lídlovy Dvory, Klatovy dist., Plzeň Region

Glassworks ‘Althütte am Vogelsang’

(18th cent.)

Current state of preservation of the glassworks.

Current state of preservation of the glassworks.

Photo V. Turek, 2014.

Well-preserved deserted glassworks from the second half of the 18th century is located in ‘Stará Huť u Podlesí’ (Althütte am Vogelsang). Glassmaking was a typical trade in the montane and submontane territory of the Šumava Mts., and the glassworks in Podlesí is the oldest in the Kašperské Hory region. Although the glassworks is first mentioned in the 16th century, the discovered remains of the production hall with melting and cooling furnaces date to the 18th century, the latest period of the existence of the glassworks. Rosary beads, buttons, lamp parts, artificial stones and lenses for eye glasses were produced here.

References: Lněničková 1989; Fröhlich 1991, 1995; Anděra – Zavřel a kol. 2003.

Navigation points: N 49°05'27.76", E 13°33'29.32".

Map notes: A – ‘Flusárna’, the potash production area; B – glassworks; C – production hall; D – cellar; E – house remains; F – remnants of melting furnace; G – remnants of cooling furnace; H – hollow way; 1 – passage through cooling furnace; 2 – niches in the passage; 3 – cooling spaces; 4 – stone foundations base of a timbered structure. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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Archeologický atlas Čech – Lídlovy Dvory
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