Jedomělice, Kladno dist., Central Bohemian Region

Medieval fortified manor and the deserted Medieval village ‘Ostrov’

(14th–16th cent.)

Fortified manor divided from the homestead by a ditch.

Fortified manor divided from the homestead by a ditch.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2013.

Deserted medieval settlement complex of ‘Ostrov’ existed from the 14th to the end of the 15th century. It consists of a fortified manor with a bailey and an adjoining village, well illustrating how medieval society functioned. The village is composed of five homesteads alongside the road; the tower-type fortified manor of the village owner stood on an elevated promontory, with a bailey (manorial farm) next to it.

References: Smetánka a kol. 1979; Vytlačil 2006.

Navigation points: N 50°13'12.02", E 13°55'48.88".

Map notes: A – fortified manor; B – bailey; C – village; D – a farm structure, probably a granary; E – ditch between the fortified manor and its bailey; F – original path; G – remains of a building of an unknown function; H – medieval mining pits; K – Early Modern mining pit; 1–5 – village homestead plots. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.