Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Třebíč distr., Vysočina Region

Prehistoric hillfort Hradisko

(from 750 BC to the 10th cent.)

Aerial view of the hillfort from the west.

Aerial view of the hillfort from the west.

Photo M. Bálek.

The prehistoric hillfort of Hradisko is one of the highest hilltop settlements of the Horákov culture in Moravia (Hallstatt period). The hillfort shows a triangular ground plan and spreads over a medium-high spur. The site was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, and since then, it is subject to occasional research. Currently, its extent is estimated at 5 ha. The exact dating of the fortification remains unclear, it may well belong only to the La Tène period. The area seems to have been occupied in the Early Middle Ages. Today, the terrain shows an earthwork preserved on the south, west and north sides on the plateau border. Since the area of the hillfort has been extensively cultivated, other noticeable defensive features may have vanished.

References: Koštuřík 1986; Čižmář 1999, 2004; Sklenář – Sklenářová – Slabina 2002.

Navigation point: N 49°05‘06.21“, E 15°52‘53.16“.

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