Jarohněvice, Kroměříž distr., Zlín Region

Early medieval barrow cemetery

(from the 9th cent. to the beginning of the 10th cent.)

Barrow No. 1.

Barrow No. 1.

Photo B. Machová, 2010.

The early medieval barrow cemetery with skeletal graves in Jarohněvice was discovered in the 1890s; a total of 17 mounds were known by then, of which 4 were researched. Additional 11 barrows were excavated some years later; two other barrows were discovered near Drahlov and unearthed at the end of the 19th century. Originally, the barrows were arranged into four rows, about 10 m in diameter and up to 70 cm high. Obviously, the dead were buried in wooden coffins. A sword, spurs, axes, an iron spearhead, arrowheads, a knife, earrings, a bronze finger ring, fittings of a bucket and ceramic vessels were among the grave goods. Today, the cemetery is situated in a game park and displays 13 barrows clearly visible with the bare eye.

References: Wankel 1888; Přikryl 1890; Dostál 1966; Machová 2015.

Navigation point: N 49°15‘40.35“, E 17°22‘56.47“.