Dřemovice u Města Libavá, Olomouc distr., Olomouc Region

Deserted medieval village and monastery of Olejovice

(from the High Middle Ages to the mid-20th cent.)

Olejovice in the 1930s.

Olejovice in the 1930s.

After Bergmann 1937.

Olejovice was deserted similar to 19 other municipalities struck by the expulsion of the original population and the establishment of the military training camp of Moravský Beroun – Výcvikový prostor ('training area') Libavá after World War II. In 1946, before the deportation, the municipality counted 32 houses, the St John of Nepomuk Chapel, a cemetery, smaller examples of folk architecture in the landscape, a school, a fire station, a bailiff’s house, a mill and the deserted Premonstratensian monastery of the Virgin Mary and St George from the mid-13th century. The deserted monastery was situated south of the municipality, including the foundations of a stone building (prayer room?), kilns for brick and tile production and a group of seven graves. Today, we can see only wall fragments, especially of the chapel, a well and the remains of the mill. On the site of the municipality, there are many traces from the stay of the Soviet army. Being still part of a military area, access to the site is restricted.

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Navigation point: N 49°40‘48.31“, E 17°31‘50.70“ (centre of the deserted village).

Map notes: A – monastery; B – municipality of Olejovice; C – cemetery; D – water tank; E – mill. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.

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