Bohuslavice u Kyjova, Hodonín distr., Southern Moravia Region

Early Medieval barrow cemetery

(9th cent.)

View of the barrow cemetery.

View of the barrow cemetery.

Photo B. Machová, 2010.

The first report of this early medieval barrow with skeletal and inhumation graves stems for 1931, when 50 circular or oval mounds were discovered. In 1989, the site was systematically researched. The burials below the barrows contained the remains of wooden coffins; among the grave goods were earrings, knives, finger rings, spurs and articles of daily use (pottery fragments etc.). Today, the cemetery is covered with a high deciduous forest, and almost all mounds are clearly detectable in the terrain. The diameters reach up to 12 m and the barrows are almost 100 cm in height. The south part of the barrow cemetery shows a lower embankment-like feature often interpreted as an old hollow way.

References: Skutil 1946; Dostál 1966; Kavánová 1993; Machová 2015.

Navigation point: N 49°03‘25.13“, E 17°06‘21.46“.