Bezemín, Tachov dist., Plzeň Region

Early Medieval hillfort and barrow cemetery

(8th–9th cent.)

Hillfort's bank , taken from its inner area.

Hillfort's bank , taken from its inner area.

Photo J. Mařík, 2013.

Early Medieval hillfort of the 8th and 9th centuries, forming a single unit with a nearby barrow cemetery. The hillfort ‘Švédské šance’ (‘Swedish Fort’ – a popular folk name given to many hillforts in reminiscence of the Swedish occupation of Bohemia during the Thirty Years’ War) was fortified by a wood and earth rampart with a frontal stone screen wall and a ditch. The hillfort was probably destroyed by fire. Around forty barrows in four groups were identified at the nearby barrow cemetery. The barrows were piled with stone and some contained an internal wooden structure (‘tomb’) and cremation burials; several mounds were connected.

References: Kudrnáč 1951; Trnka 2006.

Navigation points: N 49°51'17.49", E 13°01'43.44" (east).

Map notes: A – gate; B – fortification fragment; C – acropolis; D – group of several mounds characterised by additional (multiple) barrows; E–G – groups of barrows; H–J – secondary breaks through the hillfort rampart; 1–33 – barrows. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.