Žalov, Prague-West dist., Central Bohemian Region

Early Medieval hillfort ‘Levý Hradec’

(9th–12th cent.)

Levý Hradec hillfort. Acropolis with the church of St. Clement.

Levý Hradec hillfort. Acropolis with the church of St. Clement.

Photo K. Kačerová, 2014.

The Early Medieval hillfort called ‘Levý Hradec’ was a major Přemyslid centre and the venue for several historical events. In the 880s, Prince Bořivoj I had the first Christian church in Bohemia built there – the Church of St Clement; furthermore, St Adalbert was elected here as the second bishop of Prague in 982. The hillfort, comprising two to three separate areas (an acropolis and one or two baileys), was fortified with a wood and earth rampart with a frontal stone screen wall, a ditch and a palisade. In the vicinity of ‘Levý Hradec’ several cemeteries were located that have been partly excavated so far. The importance of the hillfort declined during the 11th century, and in the 13th century a village was built at the site.

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Navigation points: N 50°10'07.89", E 14°22'26.10".

Map notes: A – acropolis; B – bailey; C – probable second bailey; D – the ‘Ve Vikouši’ ravine between the acropolis and the first bailey; E–F – Early Medieval cemeteries excavated in the clay pit during the first half of the 20th century; G – Early Medieval cemetery in the ‘Na Panenské’ site investigated in 2003-2011; H – prehistoric ‘Řivnáč’ culture hilltop settlement. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.