Plandry, Jihlava distr., Vysočina Region

Medieval mining area

(14th–15/16th cent.)

View of the course of the water race.

View of the course of the water race.

Photo J. Čáni, 2015.

The mill race of Rantířov-Staré Hory, the mine and processing area are perfect evidence of medieval silver production. A charter by John of Bohemia from 1315 makes explicit mention of the construction of the mill race to run six water wheels at the mines at Staré Hory for the processing of the ore and to pump water into the pits. The 6-km-long mill race decayed around 1500. In 2005–2007 it was surveyed in detail. Today, it is still visible and has the shape of a channel along the slope of the Jihlava River valley. The workers dwelled in the valley of the Bělokamenský Brook. The remains of a motte, the mining castle, which served as a treasury of the silver before being transferred to the mint in Jihlava, are best preserved.

References: Jaroš 1998; Laštovička – Vilímek – Vosáhlo 2001; Hrubý a kol. 2014.

Navigation point: N 49°24‘41.86“, E 15°30‘57.44“ (start of the mill race).

Map notes: A – remains of a water race in the valley of the Jihlava River; B – remains of small 'motte'; C – central part of the 'motte'; D – ditch. Map symbols are available in the Downloads section.