Klobuky, Kladno dist., Central Bohemian Region


(dating unclear)

Menhir at Klobuky.

Menhir at Klobuky.

Photo Z. Kačerová, 2013.

A menhir, representing one of few megalithic monuments in Bohemia. Similar standing stones are most often dated to the Eneolithic and probably served as burial monuments or ritual sites; it is also possible that they were used as navigation points. A wide range of legends are often connected to menhirs. The menhir in Klobuky is also known as the ‘Petrified Shepherd’ and was reputedly once surrounded by a herd of stone sheep. Its dating is unclear. An aerial photograph shows a trapezoid feature visible in the field not far from the menhir – according to its shape and size this might hypothetically be an Eneolithic burial monument.

References: Sklenař 1977, 1996; Šarič – Štěpánek 2010.

Navigation points: N 50°18'04.56", E 13°59'04.37".

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